Diwakar Retail Limited is the place where you can find all the varieties and flavored nuts, as we are the most acclaimed Unsalted Cashew Manufacturers in Delhi. From the older harvests and directly to your homes, we are preserving the quality and the natural taste of all the products for your healthy heart and taste buds. We are marked with the brilliance of having a wide variety of nuts that are available in an assortment of mouthwatering flavors.

Being the topmost Unsalted Cashew Nut Suppliers, we are carefully carrying out the processes with the best packaging methods to preserve the freshness and same good taste for a long period. The unsalted cashews are best in taste and we carefully concentrate on natural products so that we can cater you the products free from harmful preservatives and artificial tastes.

We are the fully Unsalted Kaju Wholesaler who is distinguished for the caliber and delicious taste of the products at the most reasonable price. Indulging in the dry fruits is the best choice you make that keep your body, heart and mind healthy. With the wide varieties of choices, we have the great assortment of cashews for the people with different tastes and preferences. We are Dry Fruits Manufacturers call us to place your orders now on the given phone numbers or send your orders through the enquiries.

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