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Diwakar Retail Limited is the name that comes first in the mind as the agile Raw Cashew Manufacturers in Delhi and nearby market area. Whether you want small packets on an occasion to gift someone for ceremonies or you want it in the bulk for the wedding and rituals, we are always ready to serve you with the freshest quality that you deserve. Cashews are highly nutritional and healthiest snacking alternative to all those junkies.

We are the widely known Raw Cashew Nut Suppliers in Muzaffarnagar and many other local market areas for catering the quality and excellence with the right balance of natural flavors. Raw cashews are filled with the dietary fibers, proteins, vitamins, minerals and several acids that are essential for the good health. The kernels are wrapped in the potent skin and are the only seed in the fruit. Most powerful fact about this is, they are good for health and low in fats.

Being the most talented Raw Kaju Wholesaler in Meerut and all over the local markets in various regions in India, we are dealing with the large number of happily satisfied customers, who are in love with the taste and the quality. We offer the quality-checked products at the price that worth the while. We are the most popular manufacturers, wholesaler and suppliers that have the large stock of fresh nuts and other products. Call us now at the given phone numbers or send your enquiries to place your order, we will deliver you on time.

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