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Diwakar Retail Limited is the name you should take a note when it comes to being the best Rajma Manufacturers in Delhi and the locale. We are highly passionate about delivering you the good health in the form of power packed protein dal and rajma among various other foodstuffs. Get the most of your cooking taste with the farm fresh food products meant to be in straight to your kitchen.

We are the reputed Kidney Beans Suppliers in the market area that are offering you a range of the food rich in protein, dietary fibers and carbohydrates to give you a power for fighting against the daily stress. They have excellent benefits for skin, hair and body besides improving the functioning of your brain. They are low in fat and boost your metabolism while suppressing the hunger for longer.

We are the well known Kashmiri Rajma Wholesaler in the array that is known for providing the best quality Laal Rajma in India to the new customers and esteemed clientele. Get the most in the day with the right balance of nutrients in the quantity you want and quality you deserve at the price you can afford. Combine the meal with the rice or whole grams to increase the flavor of food and nutritional value of the same. We are Dal Manufacturers in Delhi, Call us to get your bulk orders delivered.

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