At Diwakar Retail Limited, we are the agile Organic Cashew Manufacturers in Delhi and across the local market area. We know you are far away from the artificial sources so we are delivering all natural cashews that are free from added artificial flavors and free from gluten. The nuts are the great snacks packed with all the natural elements that taste good to make you feel good. Grab your daily portion of snacks with the tight proportion.

Filled with antioxidants, a handful of nuts are the secret to live the life fuller. We are the most Organic Cashew Nut Suppliers in Bhiwani and the next-door markets. We offer the full range of the cashews that includes roasted, salted, unsalted, organic, raw, etc. Whether you choose to top them on your favorite ice cream or nighttime deserts, they will add a zest of flavors to your food for sure.

We are the Organic Kaju Wholesaler in Faridabad and all over the markets located nearby. These organic foodstuffs are versatile and suitable for all-round use. Our mission is to sustain the quality and the all-natural flavors while preserving the freshness of the products to the fullest. We handle all the food with care to intact the hygiene and quality for a long shelf life. Get in touch on the given numbers or send your valuable enquiries through the emails to place your order.

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