Chole Manufacturers

Diwakar Retail Limited is the recommended Chole Manufacturers in Delhi and in the local market areas. We have the wide variety of dal and dry fruits to make your dishes taste better, which are filled with all the essential nutrients, fats, soluble and insoluble fibers. We are the highly demanded manufacturers of products rich in fibers and monounsaturated fats.

Being the highly devoted Chickpeas Suppliers, we have the wide network of proficient distributors who help us to reach you faster. If you are trying to lose weight, chole is the best food to incorporate into your diet as to reap all the benefits. Eating them with rice will give you additional health benefits while treating your taste buds.

We are the highly acclaimed White Chickpeas Wholesaler in India who is known for delivering the best quality products that are all-natural and farm fresh. The premium quality grains make your dishes mouth-filling and healthy. We sell no chemical products as we care for you more than anyone else does. Give us a call or leave your enquiries now to get the products delivered in the desired quantity.

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